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How it began

Part of the English Leaders Training Course (ELTC) run by the English Speaking Girl Guides of Hong Kong requires each new leader to complete eight personal challenges on the '8 Point Programme*' as used by the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association

As a trainer on the course, I wanted to show willing, and set myself the challenge of recording and uploading 100 Girl Guide songs to YouTube to help fellow leaders:

* This is the same 8 Point Programme that was offered by UK GIrlGuiding many moons ago…!

This then morphed into finding and recording songs from as many old, out of print songbooks as I had the energy to do. 

I now own approximately 70 songbooks from UK, USA, Canada and Australia, with more on my wish-list  The oldest one in my collection dates back to 1926. Luckily, they are all very small so storage isn't a problem..!

Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 11.38.03.png

This quickly turned into the challenge of recording

all the English language songs from the

four World Centre songbooks:



It was from this obsession that my next obsession grew; researching and writing the biographies of women from the world of Girl Guide and Girl Scout music, starting with Mary Chater.

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