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Women in Red - WikiProject

I have joined a Wikipedia group. Their introduction reads:

"We are a group of editors of all genders living around the world focused on reducing systemic bias in the wiki movement. We recognized a need for this work as, in October 2014, only 15.53% of English Wikipedia's biographies were about women.[1] Founded in July 2015, WiR strives to increase the percentage, which, according to Humaniki has reached 19.22% as of 11 April 2022. But that means that of 1,883,407 biographies, only 362,040 are about women.[2] Not impressed? "Content gender gap" is a form of systemic bias, and WiR addresses it in a positive way through shared values."

There are a lot of very dedicated people there with a lot of expertise, which is wonderful.

My next challenge is to create my User Page to tell others about my interests.


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