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Vera Armstrong, MBE (1904-1992)

Another recipient of the Silver Fish Award, Vera Armstrong was heavily involved in overseas Guiding, spending time in India (but I couldn't find more specifics than that). She she was also the author of several Guide-related novels, including this rather brilliant look Maris of Glenside.

Vera founded the Guide Friendship Fund in 1964, which I discovered is still in action today. In a nutshell, The Guide Friendship Fund (GFF) helps overseas Guide Associations by funding projects that improve the lives of girls and young women and benefit their communities. It also helps units or Associations affected by natural disasters or emergencies such as flooding or fire. Thank you, Vera!

Visit: Vera's page

Next up: Frieda Fishbein - nothing to do with Guiding, except tangentially, she was Alicen White's literary agent and had a fantastic name. I couldn't resist.

Image: Maris of Glenside (1953) pub. Frederick Warne and Co. Ltd


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