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Silver Fish Award (Est. 1911)

I discovered this award while researching my first biography of Mary Chater. It is Girl Guiding's highest adult award, and according to the list of recipients on Wikipedia when I first started looking, had only been awarded to perhaps 25 women. Quite a few of them hadn't yet had a Wikipedia article, so I decided to make this my main focus: women who had been awarded this highest of honours - none of them were slackers, as you can imagine.

It turns out, the list was woefully underpopulated and I have since added another 50+ names to it, and I'm quite sure there are MANY others missing too.

So, perhaps I won't get to complete everyone's bios, but I'm starting from the very beginning and working my way through, until something new and shiny distracts me.

A nice discovery was that it is still awarded today and I have found six women who have been awarded it since 2015. I may broach the challenge of creating a page for a living person, if I can pin one/some of them down.


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