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Frieda Fishbein (1886-1981)

Frieda Fishbein was connected to Guiding only extremely tangentially - she was Alicen White's literary agent, and Alicen White was co-author of several Girl Scout books from the 1930s - 1960s. But I couldn't ignore a woman called Frieda Fishbein!

She was a theatrical turned literary agent who worked with some well-known writers including Moss Hart, Jean-Paul Sartre and most successfully, Colleen McCullough, of Thorn Birds fame.

There weren't many novels of this kind in my house growing up, but I do remember a copy of The Thorn Birds. Turns out it sold 33 million copies worldwide and allowed Fishbein to retire comfortably.

It was satisfying to put her back into this success story.

Photo credit: The Morning Call, NJ, USA, 14th April, 1933

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