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Martha D Coe (1907-1986)

I have become obsessed with completing the picture, so Martha Davis Coe, Alicen White's partner in life and work, was the next person in my sights. They lived together for decades in NYC and New Jersey and worked together on books, shows, scripts and inventions.

Of the four people I have researched so far, I had the least to go on with Martha - I still don't know about her education (Stanford was mentioned in an article, but I contacted them and they have no record of her being there). However,

I found enough to understand what a varied life she lived: PR executive, theatre manager, TV and Radio work, animal rights, composer, performer and inventor too!

The best new discovery I made regarding research was the Internet Archive. It is this epic collection of entire books, magazines, articles, TV scripts and more. After trawling it for evidence of Martha, I went back and put Mary, Janet and Alicen through it and found a few more little gems.

It is of note that this article was the first I published direct to Wikipedia - no Ken, no sandbox, no submitting for review - quite a thrill!

Next article: Ruth Rosekrans Hoffman - Alicen White's illustrator for Walter In Love (1973)


Photo credit: The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, OH, 4th October, 1953


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