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Alice M G White aka Alicen White (1908-2007)

Author and playwright, Alice, or Alicen as she became known, lived a fantastic life. She traveled throughout Europe for the Red Cross during WWII, she wrote one of, if not the longest running children's musical that ran off-Broadway in the 1960s (The Absent Minded Dragon) and she wrote five gothic romance novels in the 1970s, one of which was awarded an Edgar Allen Poe Award in 1972.

She was involved with the Girl Scouts of USA for over 25 years, where she wrote articles, edited books and directed large-scale performances.

I think Alicen had a brilliant life - I found her to be genuinely inspiring. It seemed that if she had an idea, she ran with it. She was a joy to meet. I am happy she's back 'online'.

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Photo credit: The Daily Register, Red Bank, New Jersey, 5th March, 1973


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