Tallis Vocalis is back rehearsing and I'm i.c. the 'old stuff' including:

St John Passion for 8 voices by Jacobus Gallus Carniolus (a.k.a. Jacob(us) Handl, Jacob(us) Händl, Jacob(us) Gallus. This is a man with more names than strictly necessary but, he wrote an interesting Passion, that excitingly for me, hasn't been recorded yet, so for the first time, I'm preparing a piece totally blind (deaf?).

It was uncovered by the Tallis Scholar's Peter Phillips whilst browsing in a music shop in Ljubljana around 10 years ago. Handl was from Slovenia so it makes sense that's where his music would be found.

The Tallis Scholars have performed it (see a Guardian review here) but not yet made a recording of it, and our performance in November will be conducted by the Tallis Scholars' Chris Watson so it's all very exciting indeed.

It's early days, but so far I can confirm that Handl did good angry rabble moments.

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