The Who, that's who

After an album of only 2 tracks, this took a while to get my head around.

The opening of "I Am The Sea" (track 1) totally took me by surprise - so experimental and fresh, I thought perhaps I had TOTALLY got them categorised completely wrong. Then "The Real Me" kicks in and we're in Britain in the 1970s and all is well.

I was surprised how many parallels there were between this music and some of the other Prog Rock I have been listening to. This was supposed to be in my Classic Rock category and turned out to have a foot in both camps, which suited me perfectly - concept, instrumentation and not-quite-as-epic-as-Thick-As-A-Brick-but-I-doubt-very-much-much-else-would-rival-that tracks, including "Quadrophenia'. There were elements of Pink Floyd and War of the World, which both get thumbs up from me.

I LOVED all the references to scooters and army surplus coats and looking different and parents who don't understand and life as a youth in 1973 with BBC radio reports of "goings on" between mods and rockers. Wonderful. It is intelligent stuff, on the whole, and I will certainly be listening to more of them after this foray.

There were some fairly unsettling lyrics, to be expected from someone who is suffering from "quadrophenia" I suppose, but still fairly shocking stuff, especially "Dr Jimmy" which sails pretty close to the wind re: rape which I found quite disturbing and not easy to listen to at all.

Generally I am still enjoying putting a variety of unknown jigsaw pieces into place. Long may this continue.

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