I know I like it, but *why* do I like it?

November 17, 2015

I've been putting off writing this blog entry. I've listened to Jethro Tull's (or 'Tull' as I've discovered they are called to those in the know) "Thick As A Brick" pretty much back to back for at least two weeks now and I like it. I really like it.


But as soon as I try to pin down why, and then read the album's Wikipedia entry, together with the many fan reviews (including an ENTIRE website: thickasabrick.net) I find myself getting intimidated and panicking that I have missed the entire point, and am in fact clueless.


Goodness. I haven't yet got my head around the concept of a Concept Album. I don't get it really with Sgt. Pepper, I don't get it with Dark Side of the Moon and I don't get it here. I am sure that the fault is entirely mine but I'm struggling. Very possibly the main issue is that I am just not great at listening to lyrics and that's where the secret lies for these concept albums... But there is a small part of me that suspects there is an element Emporer's New Clothes, in the same way that there is with Cartier-Bresson's 'Decisive Moment'

approach, which seemed like a whole pile of grasping horse-manure when I learned about that back in the day.


But, irrespective of this, I still like it. I like his voice (think Cat Stevens), I like the instrumentation (unapologetic flute solos - bring it), I love the musicianship of the structures and the metres, I love the variety, I love the spontaneity of it, I love the fact that I find myself distracted by something and come back to it and it's STILL the same track! I love their eccentricity, I love the fact they were formed in Luton.


Will I listen to more Tull? Absolutely. Do I get them? Probably not. But that's OK.










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