Making Designs in the 21st Century

I've had 2 occassions to use online design websites recently.

I used to launch a competition to design Kassia's new logo and had 60 or so designers from all the over world submitting their ideas (think I got around 270 ideas in the end) which I whittled down to 6 (that was tough), and then ran a poll amongst choir members and friends to get their feedback, which genuinely helped me come to my final design.

What a great service! What an incredible idea! I finally went with a designer from India who came up with this, taking Kassia into 2016.

And just this evening I've found a designer (from Pakistan) via who is working on this year's comedy Christmas card from the Clark's (watch this space...)

I'm sure I'm hugely late to this party but I am well and truly converted. I'm starting to try and come up with reasons to get more stuff designed!

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