Listening: Behind the curve, apparently

At the request of a few people, I have been updating my Listening albums to FB, which so far have been greeted with a few supportive 'Likes' and a handful of comments.

Coming out to the general public as a non-listener of Back to Black was a whole different ball game. Total disbelief. Utter horror. How was this possible?!

Of course I knew Rehab and had heard Me and Mr Jones and Back to Black, (very much in passing) but to listen to the complete album with fresh ears, knowing about her demise, followed very quickly by the documentary which educated me about the way her life spiralled post-BtB has coloured this entire week for me. I feel so sad and for goodness sake, I only met her a few days ago!

My highlights: Love is a Losing Game - short (2:35), simple, bitter, perfectly realised. There's so much to be said for knowing when to stop. Simply because a track can last indefinitely nowadays, doesn't mean it should. In Some Unholy War she captures the girl group sound so beautifully. The slightly too bright harmonies, the drowsy echoes. And You Know I'm No Good is just so uncomfortable to listen to so close to seeing the documentary. What a life.

As my first foray into 21st Century Music Updating, I think I did well with this one. This one got to me.

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