Getting squashy

An unexpected trip to the UK meant access to cheap pumpkins (3 quid for the 'Monster' variety as opposed to $300+ dollars for a similar beast here) so I took the chance to wield my wide variety of kitchen implements and carved away.

After a couple of goofy pirates I started making Stanley-specific pumpkins including SuperStanley and who would have believed it, Peppa Pig?!

It was a thoroughly absorbing couple of evenings involving melon ballers (massively useful in making Peppa's eyes & cheeks and also creating the well for the candle), skewers (nostrils / pupils) and potato peelers (for the SuperStanley outline).

For a variety of reasons I might not be spending as much time being as creative as I want to be right now, but this was Fun with a capital F (if a little icky).

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