Feeling old but hopeful

I used to teach at tertiary level a long time ago (at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, when they had a musical theatre dance programme... I didn't teach the dance though - more's the pity, think I would have excelled - I taught the chorus class). But the point is, I was only slightly older than the students then.

Time has passed. I've been working with people older than me, and people quite a lot younger than me. And now I'm back at University with the first of 2 singing workshops at Lignan University. And do you know what? Undergrads are really quite young from where I stand now.

Then I realised, they perhaps only left school last year, when I might have been teaching them IB Music (I wasn't, but I might). And now here they are. Going to lectures and being proper students.

Goodness this is a pointless post but I think the main takeaway from this is how very lovely these particular students were. Very keen, very interested and willing to put themselves out there. Lignan University really is a long way away from pretty much everywhere but I was happy to be working with these Liberal Arts students.

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