I'm floating on sunshine (in the dark)

Float On Hong Kong opened on Caine Road (near the escalator) a few months ago and I've been twice so far, both times having been incredible experiences.

Floating is recommended for pain relief, sleep and / or stress management, deep meditation and, most importantly, visualisation and creativity.

If, like me, you are extremely easily distracted (I was once genuinely distracted by a squirrel) locking yourself away (not literally) in a pitch black tank of warm floaty water for an hour is really the way ahead in terms of being able to focus on problem solving and seeing ways around things. You don't have to sit still, you don't have to close your eyes, there are no sounds at all, no light, just you and your head ("Hello head!" It's been a while!").

The water is only about 40cm deep. You can't sink. You can't drown. You can leave the lights on (they change through the colours of the chakras... or something). You can leave the lid up.

Music plays for the first 10 minutes to settle you in then comes back on again for the last 5, by which point I had sorted out some fairly major problems and was leaping out ready to make lists.

If you're seriously claustrophobic, don't try it. But if you're not, I can't recommend this highly enough.


See you there!

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