Add a dash of Chilli Peppers

This week had me musing on how easy it is to get the totally wrong impression of a band / artist, and have that shape your listening (or not) for a long time.

There are so many bands I was put off by in my youth because I (wrongly) decided they were too 'blokey' or 'hard-core'. Bonkers. In this group were Pink Floyd, The Who, Gustav Mahler... and Lynrd Skynrd.

It was the name and font choice. I had no idea and was a little intimidated so just left well alone. Turns out they are really Quite Good. A bit country, a bit rock, a bit funk and a whole lot of great tunes (and lots and lots of guitars).

I love the lead singer's voice - range, guts and a touch of Anthony Kiedis (Chilli Peppers).

My favourite numbers are probably the opening number "I Ain't The One" (what a start!), 'Things Goin' On" and "Poison Whisky" - a truly great song, impossible to sit still to and apparently has Chaz (or was it Dave?) on keys, which is nice.

The most famous song from the album 'Free Bird' is a 9 minute epic that just doesn't let up. It doesn't have the 'straight to the point-ness' of the others I've mentioned, and it fades to black, which seems like a mighty cop out after 9 minutes!

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