Jeff Wayne and Spinal Tap's Love Child

September 10, 2015

In The Court Of The Crimson King. Turns out it's not on Spotify, and the full album was removed from YouTube the day I started this. So I am now the proud owner of the 'rejigged for iTunes' album. Was it a worthwhile purchase? Read on.



The album consists of only 5 tracks with Moonchild and Court of the Crimson King both topping 10+ minutes each. (I did find myself wondering, in the longer jazz-influenced passage of Moonchild if they said "Right lads. We've got 4 mins more we can squeeze onto this record. Go for it!")


21st Century Schitzoid Man and Epitaph are both very accessible with formats that make sense and lyrics you can just about get the hang of.


I had a moment whilst listening to Moonchild  @ 6.10. It was so wonderful to be able to put a jigsaw piece in place: This must have been such a big influence for Spinal Tap's Jazz Odyssey! (It’s a bit like when I finally saw Bladerunner and was able to see where Doug Naylor and Rob Grant got so much of their inspiration for Red Dwarf* from).

In The Court of the Crimson King is the one I’ve been humming all week. Lots of Prog Rock harmonised “Aaaah!” choruses, a la Dark Side of the Moon which are always good value.


As it so often the case, I wish wish wish it was possible to re-programme your ears to hear like someone in 1969 and truly appreciate how new and exciting this was.


As my first proper foray into Prog Rock outside of Pink Floyd I was very happy and am confident that it should be on my To Do list for this next year. Will I listen to the album again? Definitely (but my mind might wander off during the jazz impro section...)



* Outing myself as a huge obsessive fan in the 80s and early 90s.


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