The final curtain

Last week saw me conduct my final two shows with Kassia Women's Choir and Friends. After 12 years it was a strange headspace for me. I had no idea how I would react. The mood was great and the audience on the second night in particular was very supportive of my 'jokes' (always appreciated).

The the first unexpected thing was that I got to sing the 'chorister' part of "Getting Married Today" as Sally Martin was recovering from a chest infection. Nothing like 40 minutes notice!


I had a suspicion that there may be a speech and / or bunch of flowers at the end, but I had NO idea that a grand piano would be wheeled onto stage and 25 or so members of the audience (all previous Kassia members) would join the choir for a final song, conducted by Celia Leung! It was a mixture of control-freak losing control (who planned this? when did the rehearsal happen? how did this happen?) and sheer joy on my part. Such a wonderful way of saying 'So Long" to such a wonderful group of people, who will go on to sing with Naomi Weir. Onwards and upwards!

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